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PHOTOS: ‘Out of Sterno’ at Restless Artists Theatre Company

By Dana Nollsch
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To move forward in life, it often times requires the death of the old self.

Dotty lives in a small town with her husband. Safe in their apartment she finds a fanciful world isolated from the outside, until reality hits her square in the face like a facial mask that’s just too tight.

“Out of Sterno” examines coming of age for Dotty as she ventures out to explore the world beyond her apartment door, only to discover that she was not as safe as she thought. This sounds heavy, but the play is indeed fun and light with many hilarious moments.

This cast of dedicated actors takes the audience on a journey with surprises around every corner.

Libby Schipper plays Dotty with heart and enthusiasm that draws the audience into her story. By the end of the play we clearly see the transformation of Dotty with a powerful metaphor.

Ariana Cramer plays Zena, a conniving woman out for her own desires at anyone’s expense. Ariana plays Zena wonderfully, adding just the right hint of evil.

Tommy Vereen plays the husband, Hamel, an easily led, not-all-to-bright gas station attendant looking to move up in the world with the help of Zena.

Rounding out this cast is Brandon Busselman who plays several roles with a biting comic edge.

Directed by Doug Mishler and written by Deborah Zoe Laufer, “Out of Sterno” is a fun and funny play worthy of your attention.

Check out the photos for a taste of what you will see.

“Out of Sterno” plays through Nov. 12 at Restless Artists Theatre. For more information, check out RAT’s website: http://rattheatre.org/


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