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PHOTOS: “The Real Inspector Hound” Kicks Off Bruka’s Season


Bruka Theater opens its 25th season with “The Real Inspector Hound,” a slightly twisted and highly entertaining whodunit.

“The Real Inspector Hound” follows two theater critics, Moon and Birdboot, as they watch a play that takes place in a lavish manor surrounded by desolate marshes. In the play-within-a-play there is a murder, a stranger, romance, deception, dusting, and twists you will not see coming.

This light-hearted comedy brought a smile to my face and laughter to my heart.

“The Real Inspector Hound” is a one-act play presented in two acts and is delightfully paced. I have no doubt that you will be brought to delicious laughter just as I was when you see it.

Check out the photos for a taste of what you will experience as you enjoy the first production of Bruka’s new season.

“The Real Inspector Hound” was written by Tom Stoppard and is directed by John Blomberg.

The Cast:

Kay Jaynes – Moon
Myron Freedman – Birdboot
Jessey Richards – Simon
Andrew Bage – Magnus
Marti Creveling – Mrs. Drudge
Darcy Lenardson – Cynthia
Natalie Moore – Felicity
Joel Barber – Inspector Hound
Kay Caudell – Understudy

For more information check out Bruka’s website: http://www.bruka.org/

Don’t forget to get our tickets to the Forte Awards and support your favorite actors: https://forteawards.com/

Dana Nollsch
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