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Chef Clint Jolly Travels to World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy



Chef Clint Jolly is in Mexico today to participate at this weekend’s V Foro Mundial de la Gastronomia Mexicana (Fifth World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy) at the National Center of the Arts in Mexico City. Jolly is one of just a few culinary industry experts from the United States invited to the event. 

The World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy brings together a coalition of farmers, food industry professionals, traditional cooks, chefs, kitchen professionals, students, academics, and specialists on multiple topics related to Mexican cuisine, nutrition, trade, and culinary tourism. The Forum is contributing to a commitment by the United Nations agency UNESCO for the recognition of Traditional Mexican Cuisine as a World Heritage site.

“I’m thrilled to participate in this weekend’s Forum in Mexico,” said Jolly. “Mexican cuisine and culture is so important to my culinary storytelling and to contribute to this event is very exciting for me as an American chef.”

Jolly will conduct a cooking demonstration on the main stage as well as participate in other events around the Forum.

The “Food Network Chopped: Restaurant Impossible” champion and Best Chefs America designee was selected as part of a group of chefs whose work promotes Mexican cuisine in other countries while maintaining a respect and understanding of the cuisine’s origins and its trajectory on the world stage.

Upon return to Reno, Jolly will jump into producing Reno Bites Week, Reno’s week-long restaurant event which he co-founded, and then will prepare for a cooking class at Nothing To It Culinary Center in Reno, where he will present Flavors of Mexico on Nov. 2, 2017.

About Chef Clint Jolly

Born and raised in the family butcher shop, Clint Jolly has a life-long respect for food and where it comes from. With a taste for adventure, Chef Clint’s culinary stories have established Clint as an up and coming national treasure, earning a Best Chefs America designation, champion of Food Network’s Chopped: Restaurant Impossible Challenge and finalist in New Orleans’ Chefs Taste Challenge. He currently works with restaurants and others in the culinary world to deliver visibility, better customer engagement, business growth and market share. For more information, please visit www.clintjolly.com or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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