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VIDEO: Equivocation Debuts at Reno Little Theater


Equivocation is the story of Shakespeare‘s turmoil in writing a play commissioned by a king. The dilemma for Shakespeare, or as he is known in the play as “Shag,” is that the story he is to write for the King is propaganda.

Taking place in London in 1605, we discover that this is a time of trouble for the monarchy.

Michael Peters, who plays Shag, is excellent as a straight man trying his best to hold things together while being pulled in so many directions. How will he respond to the King’s demands and keep his theater in one piece?

Go see Equivocation to find out.

This is a witty and extremely funny and thoughtful tale of intrigue. Just go see it and let me know what you think.
Directed by Chase McKenna, Equivocation is excellent in every way and I have no doubt you will be entertained for the full three hours of this performance.

Equivocation was written by Bill Cain and first performed at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon, premiering in 2009.

Cast of characters

  • Michael Peters as Shag
  • Jon Lutz as Cecil, Nate, Percy
  • Kirk Gardner as Richard, Father Garnet
  • Brantly Compton as King James, Wintour, Sharpe
  • Derek Miller as Armin, Catesby, Coke
  • Chase McKenna as Judith

The exquisite costumes were donated by Diane Peters – from OSF (Oregon Shakespeare Festival) and are almost a character in themselves.

For more information and show times check out Reno Little Theater’s website at: http://renolittletheater.org/

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