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UNR Resignation Calls Diversity Efforts Into Question (KUNR)


UNR Campus View
Image: UNR.

Ever since a University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) student was pictured at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last month, the university has been putting extra effort into touting its diversity.

But behind the scenes, concerns are brewing that the administration’s diversity efforts are not as robust as they may seem. Jacob Solis reports that a very public resignation is shining a spotlight on internal divisions.

Iris West had worked at UNR for ten years when she decided to quit earlier this month. She was the assistant director of the school’s Latino Research Center, which is a bridge between the burgeoning community of Latino students and the university.

Now though, West says the institution is hanging by a thread after years of budget cuts which left the LRC hunting for extra grant money to help pay the bills.

“The Latino Research Center came to a point that it had no funding, it had no staff. It was just me in the office with no support,” West says.

Read more from our media partner, Reno Public Radio: http://kunr.org/post/unr-resignation-calls-diversity-efforts-question

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