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TMWA Approves Funds for Area Restoration, Education Projects


Money for projects that include restoration efforts, education initiatives, and invasive weed control that correspond to grant priorities were approved unanimously Wednesday by the Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) board.

The Truckee River Fund Advisory Committee recommended the TMWA board authorize several proposals, which come with thousands of dollars of matching and in-kind contributions.

Projects funded were as follows:

$35,065 to Sierra Nevada Journeys for its Watershed Education Initiative

The program will serve 800 elementary and middle school students throughout Washoe County. The 4-week period consists of three in-class lessons, one field study experience, pre- and post-assessments, and extension lessons for teachers that align to state and national standards.

“The Watershed Education Initiative delivers high-quality, experiential watershed education programs based on local issues associated with the Truckee River, such as water quality and invasive species while empowering youth to protect and enhance the quality of the Truckee River,” the request to TMWA said. “Students gain first-hand experience with the Truckee River, explore human impacts on their water source, and obtain skills and knowledge to help protect the watershed.”

Image of Truckee River showing tall whitetop outcompeting riparian vegetation. Image: UNR Cooperative Extension.
Image of Truckee River showing tall whitetop outcompeting riparian vegetation. Image: UNR Cooperative Extension.

$69,760 to Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful for its spring invasive weed pull and fall river cleanup

The Truckee River Cleanup is expected to address the direct and immediate presence of invasive weeds, litter, and pollution runoff, along with the underlying causes of these challenges while engaging the community.

“The cleanup will target removal of invasive weeds and trash from along the Truckee River corridor and its tributaries during Keep Truckee River Beautiful’s Great Community Cleanup and Truckee River Cleanup Day, monitor the impact of current cleanup efforts, and engage more year-round cleanup support,” the request to TMWA said.

$165,000 to Truckee River Watershed Council for the Truckee River Tributaries Sediment Reduction Project

Goals include improving water quality by restoring actively eroding road networks and stream channels in the Middle Truckee River watershed that are contributing excess sediment to the river.

The watershed council plans to restore hydrologic connectivity by improving drainage on primary roads, obliterating and restoring unneeded road spurs, and incorporating vegetation, seed, and mulch to improve soil health and enhance habitat.

“Extensive road networks within the watershed have led to an increase in stormwater and associated pollutants entering into the Truckee River,” the request to TMWA said. “The project will mitigate the negative effects of stormwater and allow for increased connectivity and on-site infiltration.”

Carla O'Day
Carla O'Day
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