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Peavine Elementary School Students Celebrate Kindness


Peavine Elementary School on Tuesday celebrated a campaign that inspired kindness for the sake of being kind.

The two-week campaign was held in conjunction with the “Think Kindness” project, which promotes being kind and acts of kindness, no matter how small.

Children set goals to perform kind acts at school, home and in the community. They spent a few minutes each day in their classrooms writing down information about their actions on small slips of paper, which were linked together to form a class-wide “kindness chain.” Each class chain was then linked together to form a school-wide chain that totaled almost 1,400 feet.

“All kinds of different kids participated and the chain has all different types of kindness acts,” said second grader Juliet Palmer, whose efforts included helping an injured friend get to the nurse’s office. “There’s so many different colors and it makes a chain and that’s so cool.”

Photo: Carla O’Day

Links each represented an act of kindness, which included giving a friend a hug and high five, and writing their mother a nice note. Among other examples were asking a classmate who appeared sad to play, helping someone up who fell, giving somebody a fidget spinner, telling someone they looked beautiful, and assisting a friend with homework.

Fifth grader Aurora Lubra said she hopes other children see what Peavine students did and realize they can do the same.

“I like how everybody participated and put forth effort,” Lubra said.

Reno-based Think Kindness organizer Brian Williams spoke about the importance of sustaining their kindness. The organization began in 2009 and does school programs around the country.

“If someone tells you that you can’t change the world, they’re lying,” Williams said. “The real challenge is to see if you can continue this throughout the school year.”

Learn more at https://thinkkindness.org

Carla O'Day
Carla O'Day
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