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PHOTOS: “Speaking in Tongues” Debuts at Restless Artists Theatre


“Speaking In Tongues,” written by Andrew Bovell, an Australian playwright, is a play of patterns: patterns in human behavior but also patterns in playwriting.

Restless Artists Theatre offers up their production of “Speaking In Tongues” through Sept. 10, 2017.

With a cast of four, six interwoven stories, and nine characters there is a lot going on. The play starts with two couples exploring the discomfort in their marriages. This leads to a series of coincidences that blends the six stories into a mesmerizing mystery.

The four characters are played by Katty Perrell, Ariana Cramer, Caulder Temple, and James Miller. The casting works very well and the actors do a wonderful job with a very complex and busy story.

Doug Mishler has done a great job in directing the cast in this complicated story.

This play drew me into the mystery of the connected stories as the tale got more intricate and complex. I did come to care what would happen to the characters.

This is a fun play that will stimulate your mind and entertain your heart.

INFORMATION: Check out Restless Artists Theatre’s Website: http://rattheatre.org/


Dana Nollsch
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