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Butcher Boy Meat Market Announces Paleo Grilling Pack


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Butcher Boy announces its new paleo diet-friendly grilling pack. It is sugar, gluten, and additive free, and contains a wide variety of meats, so those on health conscious and restricted diets can still have the same freedoms as those who aren’t.

The grilling pack gets its name from the paleo diet, also known as the “caveman diet,” which eliminates foods that a caveman wouldn’t have eaten in paleolithic times. People on the diet eat meats, fish, nuts, and vegetables. The paleo diet is designed to help the human body by only eating foods that have biologically and historically kept humans healthy.

“We want to make sure that people with dietary restrictions have healthy meat choices,” Butcher Boy owner Ken Jolly said. “After the success of our Grill Pack, we’re making our best effort to stay up to date with how people are eating and providing offerings that help people save money and eat healthy.”

Butcher Boy’s Paleo Pack includes New York steaks, dry-rubbed tri tip roast, boneless pork chops, extra lean ground round, mild Italian sausage, and sugar-free bacon. The Paleo Pack sells for $99 and is available upon request at the market.

Butcher Boy Meat Market is at the corner of Plumb and Arlington in Reno. For more information about Butcher Boy, visit www.butcherboyreno.com. To stay up to date on all Butcher Boy specials and happenings, you can follow Butcher Boy on Facebook and Instagram.

Butcher Boy logoAbout Butcher Boy Meat Market
The Jolly family has been serving meats and seafood to Reno foodies for over 80 years. George S. Jolly founded the family’s butchering tradition in 1932 and four generations of butchers have since followed suit. Butcher Boy Meat Market upholds the Jolly’s long-standing tradition of supporting local ranchers and bringing customers the healthiest and freshest meats and seafood available. Specialty sausages, bacons and hams are all smoked under the supervision of owner and master butcher Ken Jolly, in Butcher Boy’s own smokehouse.


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