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PHOTOS: “Stupid F**king Bird” at Bruka Theatre


Rude, crude, emotional, complicated, and brilliant.

Playwright Aaron Posner has taken Chekhov’s “The Seagull” and runs it through a postmodern, post-theatrical shredder.

The writing in “Stupid F**king Bird” is brilliant and compelling as the story takes us on a trip with family, friends, and lovers. This is a love story from many angles and with a depth that finds its crescendo at the very end of the performance. It’s also an intensely relationship-driven piece that takes the audience on a emotional and fun ride.

Taking place at a large beach house where family and friends are gathering, we see unrequited love at its best. Emma is a famous actress by her son, brother, and assorted hangers-on. With some audience participation we fall for each of the characters and root for true love to bloom.

Director Holly Natwora brings the players to some of the best performances I have seen from these actors.

I would like to say that there is a standout performance from the cast, but truth be known, the performers bring a delightful balance to the play as if each role was written for them as individuals and written for the cast as one. Here is the cast list, bringing together so much talent in one space:

  • Dev, played by Ian Sorensen
  • Emma, played by Moira Bengochea
  • Mash, played by Jasmine Jiang
  • Nina, played by Sophie Moller
  • Trig, played by James Mardock
  • Soren, played by Lewis Frank Zaumeyer

As you can tell by the photos, this is a complex and long play that will keep you engaged with every twist and turn. I recommend “Stupid F**king Bird” for those who want a laugh and a wonderfully emotional ride.

“Stupid F**king Bird” has some sexual subjects and brief nudity, as well as a gunshot, but is very tasteful and well-balanced.

Performances are scheduled through June 17. For more information check out Bruka’s website:  http://www.bruka.org/

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