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REVIEW: Tooth of Crime (Second Dance) at Bruka Theatre


Story and Photos by Dana Nollsch

Tooth of Crime (Second Dance), Image: Dana Nollsch

In 1972 Sam Shepard wrote “The Tooth of Crime” and in 1997 he rewrote it as “Tooth of Crime (Second Dance).” This is a post-apocalyptic adventure in the American Southwest, ruled by gangs of rock-and-rollers and fueled by classic hot rods with V8 motors.

This story is based around an aging rocker (Hoss) who rules a small band of groupies and is itching to prove that he is still relevant in this topsy-turvy world. When a new, younger threat comes to town (Crow) the action comes to life in a battle to the finish.

There is a cast of 15 and a four-piece band (The Markers) complementing an extravagant set in this ambitious production directed by David Richards.

Check out the photos (scroll to the bottom) of this play for a taste of the dramatic visual presence of this performance.

The highlight for me was Scott Dundas and his portrayal of Crow, the energetic and violent newcomer who wishes to best Hoss and take the prize.

The brooding and dark Hoss is played by Lewis Zaumeyer and with his moll by his side, Becky Lou, played by Jill Marlene, Hoss fights a battle with the inevitable change in its way.

Adding to this is a cast passionate about bringing this production to life.

The groupies are played by:

Paris Rich, Alexandria Pauletto, KC Lynn, Stephen Dunn, and Cody Canon.

The balance of the cast is:

  • Nick Ramirez, playing Meera
  • Rodney Hurst, playing Ruido Ran
  • Jon Lutz, playing the Referee
  • Micheal Dewayne, playing Chaser
  • Chip Arnold, playing Doc
  • Brian D. Smith, playing Timewelder

The band The Markers provide the music and are:

  • Dave Musud on drums
  • Jeff Knutson on bass and keys
  • Spike Ritchie on guitar
  • Pat Mayfield on keys

There is violence and drug use in this production as well as challenging language. It’s not suggested for children under 14.

“Tooth of Crime (Second Dance)” plays at Bruka Theatre through April 22. Check out Bruka’s website for showtimes: http://www.bruka.org/

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