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Indigo Star Festival Offers Women Space to Gather


The Indigo Star festival, May 11-15 in Plumas County, has an intention of creating a space for women to gather, support one another, create art, and talk business. The inaugural retreat, a “gathering of Womyn, explorers of heart, land, and spirit,” is a place for grace and renewal; a place to honor the sacred land, circle, stars, and spirits; celebrate ceremony, craft, and medicine; as well as cherish sacred dreams and bodies.

Throughout the weekend, attendees will go to panels, classes, and gatherings on various topics from business branding and life transformation instruction to yoga and wellness. Event-goers will share their stories and absorb others.

“Women are the wisdom keepers. We are the storytellers, the keepers of our family stories and history; we are the creators, the healers, the wise women,” said Kathy Walen, who will be offering Shamanic healing and Reiki work at Indigo Star. “In this day and age, it is important that we pass on the knowledge of ancient practices and ways to our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and those girls that we take under our wing.

“In a world where girls have learned tear each other down, we need to teach them to build each other up with love, compassion, and grace,” Walen added. “These teachings often happen in circles while working with our hands in practical ways, such as sewing, painting, weaving; where women have always gathered to sing, to learn, to share, and to teach each other those things both seen and unseen.”

Participants can camp either in a tent, trailer, RV, gypsy wagon, or however else they choose. The space does not have traditional trailer hookups, telephone poles, buildings, or septic tanks. Organizers will set up potable water, toilets, sinks, and even solar showers for the camp’s inhabitants.

Breakfast and dinner are included, and guests may bring ice chests and other food, but should be aware of bears. The meals provided will be made with care by Reno-chef Teisha Bronner. Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options will be available.

“I hope to create a container where people feel safe and comfortable to explore and express their physical sensation and their internal experience,” said Helma Mueller, a presenter of “dance in nature” at Indigo Star. “Often in our lives in Western societies we do not include the wisdom of our bodies. Sadly, we often feels disconnected from our body and pay more attention to our mental activities. I think that this phenomena creates a lack of life force, of joy and of wisdom. I thus hope to create a space were people are able to deepen the connection to their personal body and the bigger body we all move in: the earth.”

All are welcome, adults and youth (ages 11 – 17). The space may or may not be suitable for those with disabilities, as the grounds are not flat or easily wheelchair accessible. There are a limited amount of tickets for children ages 3 – 10 as well. Please reach out to the coordinators through the website, http://www.indigostar.earth for details.

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Erin Meyering
Erin Meyering
Erin Meyering is the Communications Specialist at Carson Tahoe Health. She previously worked as the Associate Editor of edible Reno-Tahoe magazine. After graduating from the Reynolds School of Journalism in 2014, she avidly pursued making writing and designing her career. On top area freelancing, she enjoys spending time doing yoga and hiking with her 75-lb lab/boxer mix, Biscotti.