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VIDEO: Frey Ranch, The Only Estate Distillery in Nevada


Colby Frey and Kylie Rowe.
Colby Frey and Kylie Rowe.

By Kylie Rowe | @KyRoBiz

Kylie Rowe is the Vice President of Corporate Relocation at Dickson Realty, an ambassador for Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe.

Dickson Realty Spotlight on Frey Ranch Estate Distillery with Colby Frey from Dickson Realty on Vimeo.

For over 100 years, the Freys have been a Nevada farming family. In addition to planting, growing and harvesting crops, Frey Ranch expanded the business with a vertical integration strategy to produce their own hand-crafted spirits. Frey Ranch became home to one of few estate distilleries in the entire United States.

They grow their own wheat, rye, barley and corn, maintained at the highest quality and specifically for gin, vodka and whiskey. All production is 100% local, and nothing leaves the facility, from “grain to glass.”

“It depends on what time of year it is and what part of the day it is, but it’s nice because it’s different every day. We’re growing crops throughout the summer and distilling all winter; it changes seasonally,” said Colby Frey, the owner, farmer and distiller at Frey Ranch Estate Distillery.

With distribution through Southern Wine and Spirits, the Frey Ranch product can be purchased in seven states and in more than 100 Northern Nevada bars and restaurants. The vodka uses four grains which gives it somewhat of a creamy texture, and about 400,000 bottles of whiskey will be out on shelves in a year-and-a-half.

After a century of farming then adding distillation, Colby says doing business in Nevada feels like he’s supported by a much larger family. There is so much pride for Nevada business owners, and people are especially supportive of a product made from local grains and plants indigenous to our region.

The Frey Ranch barrel-aged gin tastes like Nevada on a rainy day with its sagebrush and rocky mountain juniper local ingredients. If you want to try it for yourself, add the Frey Ranch Estate Distillery to your weekend schedule. They have free tours and tastings every Saturday from 12:00 – 4:00 PM. Learn more at FreyRanch.com.

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