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Sparks’ Wade Metal Works Uses 5 Axis Waterjet Technology for Local Businesses



Wade Metal Works is northern Nevada’s premier cutting and metal fabrication specialist, using ultramodern waterjet technology from the renowned Flow 5 Axis machine. By investing in this cutting machine of unparalleled quality, Wade Metal Works has the capability to create precise cutting results for its manufacturing clients 45 percent faster than traditional waterjets, providing an intricately-crafted finished product with fast turnaround times.

Wade Metal Works has quickly become known by area businesses for custom cutting capabilities that are locally made for quick, moneysaving results. Clients such as Take Aim Targets were previously outsourcing their manufacturing jobs out-of-state due to the lack of a local producer, until Wade Metal Works became capable of producing the custom job locally, thanks to the new cutting edge 5 Axis technology. Working locally with Wade Metal Works saved Take Aim Targets travel, time, and overall expenses for a true logistics solution.

“What we are essentially selling to our manufacturing clients is time,” said Dee Wade, owner of Wade Metal Works. “With our new cutting capabilities typically only found in larger markets, we can finish custom manufacturing jobs and compete against bigger companies elsewhere. We are capable of cutting virtually any material that is water resistant. For our local clients, this means no long lead time and no shipping time. We allow them to bring business back to the nucleus of Sparks.”

What truly sets Wade Metal Works apart, and allows for an enhanced business experience for its local clients, is the revolutionary 5 Axis waterjet, a machine by Flow. The crafting machine is considered the industry’s most robust waterjet solution that is unmatched in technology and design for precise cutting results. This investment allows for Wade Metal Works to do what other local businesses cannot.

Wade continued, “Keeping manufacturing jobs local creates a ripple effect in our community, and with our new technology and the 5 Axis waterjet, we allow businesses to stay local instead of outsourcing. A business that is able to keep their manufacturing job local employs people locally, we buy the fuel locally, we pay local taxes, and so on. Every time you keep manufacturing to your community, the ripples help everyone.”

For more information about Wade Metal Works, including a tour of its facility and a demonstration of the Flow 5 Axis waterjet cutting machine visit www.wademetalworks.com.


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