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REVIEW: The Word Begins a Catalyst for Conversation


“The Word Begins” is like “The Odd Couple” with spoken word, hip hop, and a deeper, intense message taking us on a ride of racial exploration with the power of words.

Created by Sekou Andrews and Steve Connell, this 80-minute play is high-energy and fast-paced. It’s directed by Chase McKenna and stars Richard McIver and Lachlan McKinney.

“The Word Begins” is sometimes offensive, but with a deeper purpose. There are adult subjects and I do not recommend it if you are easily offended. Wait! I do recommend this if you are easily offended. I don’t think we can hide anymore from the sharp end of the conversation.

Watching the performance I was in awe of McIver and McKinney, both fast-paced and flawless indeed. There are also a deeper levels to their performances, conveying a feeling that they are not just acting but living their performances.

With a series of small vignettes showing elements of racism, we are taken to places perhaps uncomfortable. These uncomfortable places are indeed a part of the society we live in and part of our everyday life.

Even with the heavy subjects “The Word Begins” is very entertaining and captivating due in large part to the energetic performances. I have a feeling that if you watch this a second time you will find so much you missed the first time.

Please see “The Word Begins” and take someone with you. Have a conversation afterwards and be open to learning about our society and ourselves.

Check out the photos for a taste of what you will experience.

Performances run March 22 through April 7. For more information on showtimes and location, click here: https://www.merrywar.com/

Remember, if you see a performance you think deserves notice nominate it for a Forte Award. The nominations open soon. Here is a link to the Forte Awards website: https://forteawards.com/

Dana Nollsch
Dana Nollschhttp://www.photozen.us
Dana Nollsch is a lifelong Reno area resident. He is a photographer, artist, journalist, and spiritual leader. His work has been seen in many local publications and many national publications as well, award winning for his photojournalism. Dana has a unique eye that shows in his photography and a unique voice that is evident in his writing. His involvement in the local theater and arts community gives him an informed and honest perspective. Owner and operator of PhotoZen he offers his skills and insight to many industries.




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