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PHOTOS: Bakersfield Mist at Restless Artists Theatre


A blending of art, desperation, and regret rolled up in a blanket of pure entertainment.

“Bakersfield Mist,” performed at Restless Artists Theatre, shines with brilliant colors thanks to Debra Lynn Hull and Michael Peters, who star in this sometimes tragic, sometimes funny tale.

Written by Stephen Sachs and directed by David Zybert, this is a tale of the out-of-work, hard-drinking, trailer-park-living Maude Gutman, played by Debra Lynn Hull. Maude has lived with darkness and tragedy and wishes to change her luck. With the aid of a thrift shop painting her dreams seem to be within reach. There is just one obstacle in her way. In comes Lionel Percy, played by Michael Peters. Lionel is an art expert hired to evaluate the authenticity of the painting Maude discovered in the thrift shop.

As the play progresses the backstory of each character reveals itself. The story deepens as we come to know and care about the characters and how their tale will end. Debra and Michael are brilliant bringing their characters to life in this 90-minute show.

The painting itself has an entertaining backstory as well. Maude believes that the painting is a long lost Jackson Pollock work that may be worth millions. The story she tells of how she came to own this painting is very entertaining indeed. The painting that is used on stage was painted by Bryan Wildman and is a great homage to Pollock.

There are adult subjects and “Bakersfield Mist” may not be appropriate for children.

Restless Artists Theatre is the newest theater in the Reno-Sparks area and with each show they are getting better and better. The addition of risers has improved the comfort and experience for the audience.

“Bakersfield Mist” opens March 3 and plays through March 19.

For more information, check out Restless Artists Theatre’s website:  http://rattheatre.org/

Dana Nollsch
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