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Voiptime Offers Online Solutions for Call Centers (Sponsored)



VoiptimeThe Voiptime cloud call center will offer e-mail integration, flexible script constructor, suitable Iframe, API, SIP numbers, lead action history access, and several types of dialing modes including Predictive.

On Sept. 20, 2016, Voiptime, a leader in contact center solutions development, announced that its team is delighted to work on the final stage of Voiptime Cloud Call Center development. This was after the first module of the solution, Lead Management System, was passed to the QA-team for final check before being released to customers.

Two Products, Many Options

Voiptime company announces the plan to release Lead Management System and Predictive Dialer. Lead Management System is aimed to boost sales through capture, store and nurture of leads; Predictive Dialer is an innovative solution for call centers. Clients will have a chance to try LMS starting from October 2016 whereas Predictive Dialer will be launched in December.

The two products are cloud based call center solutions. Their goal is to help sales representatives and contact center managers to work more efficiently and to boost revenue. Cloud solution deployment is quite intuitive. You just need to register or to log into the system from your computer. The registration process takes only few minutes. No additional software, hardware or assistance from an IT specialist is needed.

  1. Register at Voiptimecloud.com website.
  2. Fill in the form, providing your business information.
  3. Confirm your email and get an access to the personal marketplace.

After the registration, you may log into the system and to upload leads, view reports, organize the workflow, and set different dialing modes for your call center.

Voiptime Online InterfaceWhy Voiptime Solution is better than Customer Premises Equipment

The Voiptime best cloud contact center is easier to use and cost effective. A customer can access the system not only from work computer, but from any device, which is connected to the internet. The best lead generation management system will be released in December 2016. After introducing SaaS LMS, Voiptime will finish designing online call center solution with Predictive Dialer mode.

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