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VIDEO: A Look at Reno’s Arts and Culture with Alexis Hill


By Kylie Rowe

With 283 special events held year-round and 191 pieces of public art, The City of Reno is committed to cultural life in Reno. Alexis Hill, City of Reno’s Cultural Affairs Manager, described her role as the liaison to the Reno Arts and Culture Commission (RACC). She works in the City of Reno “office of fun”, which manages special events, public art, and the grants program.

Alexis Hill is officially the facilitator of culture in Reno. As a Reno native, she’s noticed that our community has become so much more than what outsiders view as Reno 911 and just a casino life. We have casinos which are fun with great entertainment, but we have a Tier 1 University and nearly 300 amazing events to attend all year. She said, “I’m really excited to be part of this Reno Rebirth because I’ve seen how far we’ve gone and all the things we can do.”

Playa Park
Art at Playa Park

There is something for everyone here and the overall impact of creativity on the quality of life in Reno is palpable. I asked Hill what are the contributions to cultural life in Reno, and she listed her top three:

  1. Artown has really put Reno on the map for arts and culture in our community. If someone comes to Reno in July, they will find a thick book of so many things to do.
  2. We are also the gateway to Burning Man. Many of the creators of Burning Man art come from Reno. Right now our Playa Park is downtown so you can experience the playa off the playa.
  3. Then of course the Nevada Museum of Art is a major cornerstone that weaves art and culture into the fabric of our community.

As the liaison to the RACC, Hill reported on the group’s recent retreat. They discussed strategies to reach the public on matters relating to the cultural life of the community. For example, the RACC advised the City of Reno to get started on granting a project that would build a sculpture outside of City Hall. They also established plans to paint a mural on Fire Station 1 off Wells Avenue and The Dragonfly is scheduled for installation at Virginia Lake this fall.

With the numerous events and growing number of public pieces of art, stay connected and learn how culture is changing and growing in our community. Review all upcoming art and culture events online via RSCVA, Art Spot and the City of Reno Arts & Culture.

Kylie Rowe

Kylie Rowe is the Vice President of Corporate Relocation at Dickson Realty, an ambassador for Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe. Find her on Twitter: @KyRoBiz

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