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New Greenhouse Unveiled at North Valleys High School


By Carla O’Day

North Valleys High School Greenhouse
FFA students lead a tour of the new greenhouse at North Valleys High School. Photo: Carla O’Day

A ribbon cutting ceremony for a new greenhouse that’s part of North Valleys High School’s Center for Agriculture, Science and Engineering program was held Wednesday as students and staff discussed its significance and gave tours.

The 30- by 60-foot greenhouse is attached to the campus’ main building, 1470 E. Golden Valley Rd. It contains six spigots, two drains and 19 tables with lights and will include hanging gardens, hydroponics and aquaponics.

North Valleys freshman Eirelyn Lindsay, the school’s FFA parliamentarian, said the germination process is scheduled to start Thursday. Lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes and herbs will be among the first crops planted, she said.

“I look forward to having hands-on experiences and learning new things,” Lindsay said. “It’s definitely exciting.”

Principal Jeana Curtis said a grant to build the greenhouse came from the William N. Pennington Foundation.

Agricultural education can provide students with a glimpse into careers that include natural resources, welding, hydrology, agronomics, soil science, horticulture, heavy equipment maintenance, and agricultural technologies, mechanics and engineering.

The school contemplated different types of academies and agriculture suited the area best, Curtis said.

Crops grown on the campus will be used on campus and sold, depending on yield.

“The goal is to work with the culinary classes and do ‘farm-to-fork’,” Curtis said.

For more information: http://caseacademy.weebly.com

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Carla O'Day
Carla O'Day
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