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VIDEO: Bicentennial Sculpture Park Opening and The Playa Art Park Preview


The City of Reno dedicated last week the Bicentennial Sculpture Park with a substantial crowd in attendance. This was a combined effort with the City of Reno and the First Reno Rotary. The park features six works by local artists:

  • Winter Mouse – Colin O’Bryan – 2016
  • Step Forward – Brett Moten – 2014
  • Rhinoman – Carolyn Guerra – 2016
  • Nesting – Jeff Schomberg – 2016
  • Bow Series – Grant Miller – 2016
  • Beckon – Eileen Gay – 2016

This is a rotating exhibit and will be changed out every year with a new organization curating the art each year. This year the curating group was First Reno Rotary.

Check out the video below for a taste of what happened during the dedication.

Next up on the video is a sneak peek at the Reno Playa Art Park. This park will be officially opened on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016.

The Reno Playa Art Park will feature up to 11 sculptures created by five different artist collectives for Burning Man as well as a mural created by Joe C. Rock. This is located on Virginia Street across from the Circus Circus.

Dana Nollsch
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