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PHOTOS: Bruka’s Biggest Little Theatre Festival

By Dana Nollsch

bruka-biggest-little-festival-18Original fringe theater fueled by local talent took place for the fifth time last weekend. Brüka Theatre’s Biggest Little Theatre Festival featured five original plays and a poetry/slam event.

Performances included

  • “Poets of the Caribbean: Etched in Bone”, hosted by Jesse James Ziegler
  • “Dynamic”, written and directed by Dana Miller
  • “Someone Know Better”, written and directed by Everett Ray George
  • “No News”, written by Stacey Spain and directed by Amanda Alvey
  • “Street People”, directed by Stacey Spain
  • “Up on Deercreek”, written and directed by Stacey Spain

While I missed seeing “Up On Deercreek,” I can confirm the rest were very deep and emotional performances. The local theater talent is first-rate and the theater community has been very supportive. This festival is proof that the theater community is growing in talent and in opportunity.

This was the second Biggest Little Theatre Festival that I have personally seen and I walked away very impressed and excited for the next one.

Check out the photos and the video of the writers taking about what they created:

bruka theatre biggest little festival
Biggest Little Festival at Brüka Theatre. Image: Dana Nollsch

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