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PHOTOS: Domino at the Potentialist Workshop

By Dana Nollsch


Last weekend we saw the original short play “Domino” written by Alex Hutchings. The play is a dark musical with music provided by Mac Esposito. The story centers around a lost high school girl and her friends who have their own agendas.

According to Hutchings, “The overall theme of the play is fire. It can cleanse your sins. But obviously not every sin. Harper is a pyromaniac. He wants to burn down the city because he is bored.”

Micheal Dewayne lends his wonderful singing voice as he plays the male lead. This is a dark story of love, lust, betrayal, violence, and suicide. The creative use of a simple set and compelling story brings “Domino” to life and the performers show their vocal skills and passion for the roles they play. The production is solid even though a bit rough around the edges and is well worth checking out. The production plays through December.

Scroll down to check out the photos of “Domino”.

The Potentialist Workshop Theater or as it is called Ali’s Alley is a small black box style theater focusing on new and experimental works. As such, it may lack some of the high-tech equipment and features we see in some of the bigger theaters, but this also brings the focus to the stories being told. This is a wonderful hidden gem that offers some compelling new works from creative artists. From art shows to plays and performance art as well as music and artist studio space, the Potentialist Workshop is a diverse venue worth checking out.

If you are looking to see some theater without the holiday theme, then this may be just for you.

The Potentialist Workshop is located at 836 E. Second St. in Reno. For more information visit http://www.potentialistworkshop.com/


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