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Sands Reno Comic Con Draws Celebs, Superheros


Sands Comic Con 2016
Photo: Skylar Owens

By Skylar Owens

Sands-Reno Comic Con 2016 came to an end Sunday evening, Oct. 2. The event included celebrity, author, illustrator and designer signings from film, TV, and comics. Those on hand to sign included: “Land Of The Lost” cast members Kathy Coleman and Wesley Eure, “Fast & Furious” star Cesar Garcia, and “The Munsters” niece Pat Priest (Marilyn).

Cesar Garcia, Sands Reno Comic Con 2016
Cesar Garcia of Fast & Furious, Photo: Skylar Owens

I got a chance to speak with a few of the stars. Cesar Garcia said it was his first time in Reno, and when asked how he liked it he replied, “It’s okay, a lot different from Los Angeles.”

Pat Priest told me they shot over 70 episodes for “The Munsters” but only about half were aired. Also each scene within the house set alone was shot in each room within a three- to five-minute period each day.

I personally was surprised when I found out that Wesley Eure from “Land of the lost” created one of my favorite childhood programs “Dragon Tales,” aired on PBS Networks.

Reno really came out to explore the world of comic books and art. Fellow collectors and cosplay fans arrived decked out as their favorite characters. Everyone from Deadpool to the Ghostbusters were represented for the costume contest and for fun.

My stepdad, Joe Briery, and I dressed up as two of the six members of the Justice League; I was Superman and he was the Flash. Shout out to my little fan who I didn’t get your name; I’m sorry, but you were very sweet  and thanks for stopping and saying hi. Superman and I appreciated it!

I can’t wait to see what the next Sands-Reno Comic Con will bring.

Kathy Coleman and Wesley Eure of Land of the Lost
Kathy Coleman and Wesley Eure of Land of the Lost, Photo: Skylar Owens
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