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Documentary on Homeless Youth Premieres in Reno Oct. 26


flyerpicBy Nico Colombant, Our Town Reno Co-Founder

Our Town Reno began this year as a Reynolds School of Journalism multimedia, collective website http://www.ourtownreno.com/ to showcase realities related to homelessness, gentrification, displacement and Reno’s rebrand. We try to give a voice to those most affected by changes that come along with rising costs, broken communities and stagnating incomes.

We also try to highlight volunteers, activists, “solutionaries”, hard workers, socially conscious artists and regular citizens who care about these issues.

Our stories have prompted readers to help neighbors living in tents along the river, or, more recently, to provide housing and furniture for an ailing septuagenarian previously living on a condemned porch.

Our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ourtownreno has lively discussions and comments, many times with common sense ideas to bring about positive change. Our Instagram page www.instagram.com/ourtownreno has street photography and micro reporting. Some of the hashtags we use are #helpeachother and #keeprenorad.

On Wednesday, Oct. 26, we will be premiering a 30-minute Our Town Reno documentary for free at the Potentialist Workshop, on 836 E. 2nd street, Reno, from 7 to 9 PM.

‘Invisible Girl’ tells the story of an inspirational and courageous young woman who graduated from high school in Reno and then UNR despite being homeless.

The short documentary also tells the story of how the You drop-in center began in downtown Reno, reaching out to homeless, runaway, foster and other at-risk youth.

Following the film, we will be holding an open discussion to share ideas to make Reno a better, more caring place. Please join us if you can. We would be honored by your presence.

Here is an extended trailer for the 2016 short documentary Invisible Girl premiering Oct. 26th in Reno, 7-9 pm at the Potentialist Workshop

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