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PHOTO GALLERY: The Way It Was Rodeo in Virginia City


virginia-city-rodeo-saturday-9-of-46By Ty O’Neil

First time events are often lackluster and can leave attendants wanting, but the Virginia City Rodeo did no such thing. From the skydiver at the beginning, to the motorcycle tricks at the very end, not a moment went by without the crowd’s adulation.

While the stands were full, the event managed to feel intimate with audience members close to the action no matter their ticket price. Bulls, broncs and barrel riders came within feet of the protective rails giving audience members some great opportunities for photos.

The event juggled both rodeo events and other entertainment with great success. While “The Way It Was” rodeo is still young, Virginia City seems to have a winning event on their hands.

View a photo gallery below.

Ty O'Neil
Ty O'Neil
Ty O’Neil is a lifelong student of anthropology with two degrees in the arts. He is far more at home in the tear gas filled streets of war torn countries than he is relaxing at home. He has found a place at This Is Reno as a photojournalist. He hopes to someday be a conflict photojournalist covering wars and natural disasters abroad.




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