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Downtown Arch Makeover Gets Consideration by City Council

By Bob Conrad
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Image: Bob Conrad.

Image: Bob Conrad.

The iconic Reno Arch may get a makeover in the near future. Citing vandalism, old technology and cost, the Reno City Council today discussed giving the sign an upgrade.

“It’s our brand. Really what you’re talking about today is keeping your brand looking good,” Mayor Hillary Schieve said. “This is not a redesign in any way.”

The project is proposed to include new LED lights, which will reduce maintenance and save energy costs. The sign has 1980s technology. City staff said that the new lights can be any color. To change lights currently, it costs hundreds of dollars and each light bulb has to be switched.

It was discussed that the Reno and Biggest Little City text would be lit and the lights can be changed to any colors.

“We’re going to have some design considerations,” said Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus. She advocated for keeping the arch’s retro look.

The total cost of the project has not been determined. The city will hold public hearings to discuss possible changes, including running the project through neighborhood advisory boards for input.

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