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VIDEO: Art Car Fest Debuts at Bonanza Casino

By Dana Nollsch
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bonaza art car festLast weekend Bob and I went to an art car and fire spinning event at the Bonanza Casino. We heard about this and thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to make a little video and test out some new video equipment we got.

Sharon Knight and Winter started the evening out with some wonderful Celtic style Music, which they call “Neofolk Romantique: songs for poets, adventurers and lovers of mystery.” The Celtic-inspired music was fantastic with guitar and mandolin and a wonderful voice singing.

Food trucks, a few vendors and just a handful of Burning Man art cars dotted the parking lot at the Bonanza casino.

But for me, the lack of art cars was compensated for by the music, pole dancing, Hawaiian dancing and the fire spinners. The highlight was Controlled Burn bringing their unique brand of entertainment for the entertainment of the enthusiastic crowd.

Check out the video, there’s some great action with the fire spinners and Sharon Knight and Winter.