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New Development Planned at Peavine Mountain

By Erin Meyering
Peavine Mountain

StoneGate Location MapNOTE (August 4, 2016): This story has been updated with new information. Thanks to readers for requesting more information.

Plans for StoneGate, a 10-year build-out, multi-phased master planned community located on the north side of Peavine Mountain in Reno, were recently submitted.

The development will be located near the California-Nevada border on the south side of U.S. 395 past the Red Rock Boulevard exist.

The City of Reno Planning Department will review the project and make its recommendation to the Planning Commission and City Council. During the review process, StoneGate will be conducting public meetings and presenting details on the new development.

“We are excited to submit this PUD Handbook to the City and mark the beginning of the public approval process,” said Angela Fuss, project planner for the StoneGate development team. “Our vision is to cultivate a community that will aid in meeting the housing demands created by Nevada’s successful economic development policies.”

StoneGate, a 1,378-acre master planned community, will be northern Nevada’s first development to maximize water re-use, according to the developers. Homes of varying sizes will be built along the mountain and valley contours.

The project will include 3,815 single-family homes and 320 multi-family homes.



Greg Hudson August 15, 2016 - 8:42 am

Nevada’s successful economic development policies!? Who are you kidding!? We are “growing” because our corrupt governor A. gave 1.3 billion to Tesla saddling us with the largest tax increase in state history who then promptly turned around and said that we’re too stupid to work there and then started bringing in cheap foreign labor and B. gave out drivers licenses to illegal aliens making us into a sanctuary state. We can’t have over 4000 new houses right off the freeway and built into the mountain destroying the beauty of the mountain and the adjacent farmland, not too mention the traffic nightmares that we’d be dealing with during and after construction. This so called successful economic expansion is a farce; prices for everything are going up, traffic’s getting worse and yet these snotty arrogant punk ass employers are still the same cheap greedy pigs they’ve always been constantly whining about their damn labor costs and kvetching incessantly about how they just can’t afford that BIG minimum wage of $8.25/hr! This punk Sandoval mysteriously won a primary against an incumbent republican governor and has been a liberal scumbag who’s only looking out for the greedy pigs who want cheap labor, undeserved tax breaks and to force their crap down our throats! Don’t forget about the idiots who tell us that Syrian refugees being given Social Security being sent here are going to benefit us; what a joke, it’s OUR tax money they’re getting to live on, be it Federal, State or Local, they’ll be competing with you for a space in line anywhere and everywhere, there’ll be greater demand and competition for housing, jobs, seats in the classroom (provided of course that they even want to work or go to school) and of course when one of these devil worshipping lunatics runs off half cocked screaming Allah Akbar and mowing people down with an AK-47 or a rented truck or sets off a bomb are goes cheap and starts hacking and stabbing people to death with an cheapo butcher knife he got at the dollar store don’t say I didn’t warn you! It’s time for a halt to anymore construction; we didn’t move out here to live in a hell hole like San Francisco complete with grotesque overcrowding and traffic, insane taxes, crime. filth, garbage and a thoroughly corrupt local and state government! Put an end to this insane project before it sees the light of day!

Dan O'Connor August 8, 2016 - 1:47 pm

Where are the new schools going to be?

Mary August 5, 2016 - 6:16 am

Yeah they are excited but for us that live out here already it is a nightmare. Traffic now is unbeliveable. I leave 2 hrs before work so i do not have to deal with teaffic. Schools crowded, when I turn on water tap now sometimes I get a drizzle of water. Turning into California

Julie Freemyet August 4, 2016 - 8:34 pm

Someone had better start thinking about doing something about Hwy 395 South. It is only two lanes, and is bumper to bumper going about 10 mph every morning already. I can’t believe how unrealistic it is to keep building houses and businesses north of town without improving the only highway into Reno.

Rob Sabo August 3, 2016 - 9:52 am

Be more specific in your reporting. I had to Google StoneGate, then Heinz Ranch to find out it is planned for the 395 side of Peavine. I live in Somersett, and to me (and probably everyone else) the term “northwest Reno” describes that flank of Peavine.

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