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FORTE Awards Announces List of Nominees


Alisha Sadler is a nominee for a Forte Award.

The 2016 Forte’ Awards nominee list was announced on Tuesday, Aug. 16 for the big gala event that will be held on Nov. 3, 2016 at the Grand Theatre located inside the Grand Sierra Resort Casino.

In case you missed what the Forte’ Awards are, here’s what it’s all about …

The Forté Awards is a registered Benefit Corporation focused on “Awarding Recognition and Expressing Appreciation of Our Local Performing Artists.”

The  mission is to produce an annual awards show and gala fund raising event. The 2016 Forté Awards is a homegrown group of people who have a passion for and a devotion to the local performing arts communities in Music, Theater, Dance, and Comedy. We feel this is also the perfect opportunity to show our support and appreciation for three of our local charities, The Food Bank of Northern Nevada, The Nevada Humane Society and The Veterans Resource Centers of America. While all the glory goes to our performers, the profits go to the charities.

So here’s what it all comes down to: The show is Thursday, Nov. 3.

Think of the Oscars, Grammy’s and Tony Awards all rolled together into one night of glitz and glamour. Honoring and giving well-deserved recognition to our performing arts community. The only event where fans can express their appreciation of our local talent and everyone can party like Rock Stars and Movie Stars while raising money for three deserving charities.The Gala Event starts with a red carpet entry for all of our Nominees, the stars of the evening. They will be greeted by media and paparazzi for interviews and photos and then escorted into The Grand Theatre.

Let the “Show” begin, a night of excitement, drama, special guests and eye-popping entertainment. Each category will have its own celebrity presenter and all nominees will get the red carpet treatment.

As each category is introduced the photos and names of each nominee will be displayed on two giant video walls. The celebrity presenter will introduce each nominee and then open the envelope “And the Forté goes to…..”

Here are the 2016 Forte’ Award nominees,


1. We Predict a Riot
2. Weight of The Tide
3. Me Time
4. Cyanate
5. Rob Ford Explorer
6. Murderock
7. From The Ruins
8. Walk Away Alpha

1. Seasons of Insanity
2. Authmentis
3. Alisha Sadler
4. Changing The Design / Alan Griffith
6. Newbound
7. The Electric
8. Atlas Frame
9. Dead Letter Disciple
11. Stonedaddy


1. Michael Furlong
2. Drinking with Clowns
3. The Grimtones
4. Tragedy Spring
5. Bazooka Zoo
6. Reno Rock Camp
7. Metal Billy Trucker
8. Vague Choir
9. Schitzopolitans
10. Rigorous Proof
11. Moondog Matinee


1. The Derailment
2. The Novelists
4. Nick Eng
5. Simply The Best A tribute To The Music Of Tina Turner
6. Roxxy Collie
7. Stabby Unicorn
8. D’RoxX Project
9. Backer Street Band


1. Jellybread
3. Elements of Truth
4. The Sextones
5. Mojo Green


Kate Cotter is a nominee for a Forte Award.

1. Matthew Axton
2. Seedless Tendency
3. Wheatstone Bridge
4. Todd Green
5. Robert Clark and Anthony Vairetta
6. Kate Cotter
7. Tyler Stafford
8. Liam Kyle Cahill
9. Josiah Knight


1. Greg Austin
2. Sil Shoda
3. Wheatstone Bridge
4. The Whiskey Heroes
6. Country Artist Tribute
7. Vista
8. Spur Crazy


1. The Blues Monsters
2. Buddy Emmer Blues Band
3. Blue Haven Blues Band
4. Rick Hammond Blues Band
5. Wabuska Yachting Club
6. Busking By Moonlite
7. Guitar Woody and The Boilers
8. Jason King Band


1. First Take
2. Reno Jazz Orchestra
3. Reno Jazz Syndicate
4. Grace Hayes
5. Dallas Smith
6. The Collective
7. New World Jazz Project
8. Redfield Clipper
9. Nico’s Mystery


1. Rick Metz
2. John Shipley
3. Jimmy Vermilion
4. Rocky Taterelli
5. Dallas Smith
6. Peter Epstien
7. Niall McGuiness
8. Adam Benjamin
9. Graham Marshall
10. Tristian Selzler


1. Andy Hauck
2. Todd Green
3. Grace Hayes
4. Changing The Design / Alan Griffith
5. Krystallos
6. Up is the Down is the
7. Blue Dyno
8. Reed Kirst


1. Tim Tucker (Band)
2. Jason King Roxas
3. Decoy / Jeff Stewart
4. Andrew Owen Wasson
5. Scott Schlingheyde (From The Ruins, Cyanate, Down Time)
6. David Ecker (Hollywood Trashed)
7. John Kumanski (Krosphyer)
8. Buddy Emmer
9. Rick Hammond
10. Tony Ghiglieri


1. Tyler Stafford
2. Michelle Belle
3. Eric Stangeland
4. Joshua Saltsman
5. Mark Johnson
6. Clemon Charles


1. Zack Teran
2. GiaTorcaso
3. Alex Korinstinsky
4. Joe McKenna
5. Dante Orlando
6. Hans Halt
7. Mac Espisito
8. Mike Mayhall
9. Scot Marshall
10. Vince Gates


1. Michael Young
2. Greg Lewis
3. Tony Savage
4. Move Miguel Jimenez-Cruz
5. Cliff Porter
6. Frank Fletcher
7. Kevin Maxwell
8. Cody Remokulous
9. Dean Rossi
10. Sharon Hickox


1. Carolyn Dolan
2. Mel Wade
3. Sam Lowe
4. Monique Jade
5. Natalie Jones
6. Lizzie Cates
7. Jackie Ford
8. Caley Chapman
9. Kate Cotter
10. Grace Hayes
11. Jenes Carter


1. Tobin Jones
2. Shane Whitecloud
3. Kevin Karp
4. Kiba Walker
5. Eric Andersen
6. Joel Ackerson
7. Tyler Stafford
8. Cliff Porter
9. Leroy Bowers
10. Pete Barnato


1. Kystallos
2. Reed Kirst
3. Boggan
4. Sub Docta
5. Andrew Hullaballoo
6. Noizechemistz
7. Giant Fighting Robots
8. Vice Versa
9. Blue Louie
10. Erik Lobe


1. Redfield Clipper
2. Chapter 13
3. E$$ay
4. Apprentice
6. Black Rock City Allstars
7. Feeki


Actor, performance in a dramatic role:

1. Dylan Smith in Downcast
2. Rod Hearn in The Diary of Anne Frank
3. Bradford Ka’ai’ai in Malvolio or What You Will
4. Dylan Arnold in Mr. Burns
5. Chip Arnold in Endgame
6. Luke Allen in In Your Own Backyard
7. Dirk Miller in The Nether
8. Jesse James Zeigler in The Nether
9. Gary Eugene Cremeans in New Canula
10. Jessey Richards in The Diary of Anne Frank

Actress, performance in a dramatic role:

1. Isabella Hodgin Lindsey in The Miracle Worker
2. Laryssa Kolstrup in The Miracle Worker
3. Gillian Palmer in Endgame
4. LaRonda Etheridge in Malvolio or What You Will
5. Sandra Brunell Neace in Fool for Love
6. Kate Atack in The Nether
7. Ashley Marie James in Venus in Fur
8. Hannah Davis in The Diary of Anne Frank
9. Rachel Douglass in Jack & Jill
10. Alexandria Pauletto in Mr. Burns

Actor, performance in a comedic role:

1. Christopher Daniels in Buyer & Cellar
2. Cody Canon in The Drunkard
3. Cameron M. Shirey in Fortinbras
4. Dave Anderson in The Passion of Dracula
5. Michael Peters in Deathtrap
6. Rodney Hurst in The Passion of Dracula
7. Lewis Frank Zaumeyer in The Passion of Dracula
8. Mark Maher in Fortinbras
9. Scott Dundas in The Passion of Dracula
10. David Richards in The Passion of Dracula

Actress, performance in a comedic role:

1. Chase McKenna in Fortinbras
2. Stacey Spain in Fortinbras
3. Nasya Mancini in Wicked
4. Sophie Moeller in Exit Interview
5. Stacy Johnson in The Utility Players
6. Juli Fair in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
7. Kathy Welch in Deathtrap
8. Lyndsey Langsdale in Clown Bar
9. Evonne Kezios in The Odd Couple
10. Jasmine Jiang in The Odd Couple

Actor, performance in a musical role:

1. John Frederick in The Full Monty
2. Nick Ramirez in Tooth of Crime
3. Harrison Troise in Mary Poppins
4. Jeff Chamberlin in Chess
5. Jeffrey Bentley in The Producers
6. Adam Whitney in Cabaret
7. Ryan Kelly in Spamalot
8. Eric Williams in The Full Monty
9. Brandon Trefethen in Evil Dead the Musical
10. Robert Grant in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Actress, performance in a musical role:

1. Hannah Mills in Mary Poppins
2. Jill Marlene in Tooth of Crime
3. Cori Lynne in The Full Monty
4. Marti Marangelli Creveling in The Drunkard
5. Valerie Burnett in The Full Monty
6. Cami Thompson in The Full Monty
7. Tiffany Joy Nunez in Mary Poppins
8. Annikki Larsson in Evil Dead the Musical
9. Zakotah Sevon in Mary Poppins
10. Heather Garrick in The Drunkard
11. Amy Ginder in Cabaret

Actor, performance in a classical/Shakespearean or operatic role:

1. Greg Klino in King Lear
2. Scott Rankin in King Lear
3. Lachlan McKinney in Maxbeth
4. Chadaeos Clarno in Maxbeth
5. John Blomberg in King Lear
6. Jon Lutz in King Lear

Actress, performance in a classical/Shakespearean or operatic role:

1. Cheryl Cardoza in Maxbeth
2. Amanda Alvey in The Comedy of Errors
3. Ashley Hutchinson in Much Ado About Nothing
4. Regina Powers in Much Ado About Nothing
5. Cassandra Michelle Moore in Much Ado About Nothing



1. Larry Wilson
2. Eli
3. Robert Hall
4. Jacques Simard


1. Christopher Daniels
2. Christiana Frank
3. Sam O’Brien


1. Drew Shafer
2. Nick Josten
3. Sam O’Brien
4. Aurora Singh
5. Ethan Pickett
6. Paul Bronken
7. Jon Porter
8. Kelly Hilbert
9. Matt”Tiny”Lowe
10. Sammy Solorio


Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical dancer male/female:

1. Jordan Van Worth
2. Brit Burns
3. Donald Mahoney
4. Cordelia Leeder
5. Anna Peralez
6. Scooby Meredith
7. Nathaniel Tavcar

Dancer in a Production male/female:

1. Jenny Oxier:
2. Julia Mansfield-Cholica
3. Courtney Cobble
4. Dana Hatjacks
5. July Reddicks

Dancer in a Musical Theater or Production Show male/female:

1. Ashely Wallick
2. Jay Weaver
3. Cyrena Ballachey
4. Kennedy Cramer
5. Tabitha Row
6. Maya Carleton
7. Adam Whitney

Jazz/Tap dancer male/female:

1. Jayde Reid
2. Marla Richardson
3. Dana Nott
4. Jennifer Oropeza
5. Erika Kaski
6. Savannah Shutz
7. Micheal Kaskie
8. Dino Elias

Ballroom/world dance and movement male/female:

1. Spencer Chirstian
2. Terri Sheridan
3. Robin Kay
4. Kandy Valentine
5. Michelle Perez
6. Gerzon Chaves
7. Gustavo Velasc

Hip Hop, Pop Lock, Breaker, Street Performer male:

1. Thyrone Cahigas
2. Dillon Daggs
3. Alex Circle
4. Jose Peralez
5. Michelle Nakpil

Special Act Performer:

1. Sarah Roulias
2. Mikeala Bianchi
3. Featherpistol,
4. Rory Dowd
5. Siren Society
6. Sarah Sherbert
7. Rebeca Yruegas
8. CJ

Here’s how to vote:

Online public voting begins on or before August 20th as our Nominees are announced. Vote online at forteawards.com. Your votes will determine who will receive the Forté Award in all the categories presented at The Forté Awards Show.

Tickets and Ticket Packages for The Forté Awards Show and Gala go on sale the weekend August 20th. More information on pricing will be announced on or before that date.

This will undoubtedly be the event of the year for all the nominees and everyone involved in putting this great night of excitement together. All the hard work is about to pay off ten fold.

Now is the time to show your support to all of the great entertainers this great little city and the surrounding area has to offer, GO TO THIS SHOW !!!

A great time will surly be had by all …

John Tuckness
John Tuckness
John Tuckness has been photographing rock concerts in the Reno/Sparks/Tahoe area and as far as Northern California since 2004. He tries to attend as many shows as he can. John knew he wanted to be a concert photographer when he went to his first concert, Kiss and Montrose way back in 1976. He saw three guys shooting the show and thought to himself, "that's what I want to do." After many years of undercover work (sneaking his camera into venues), he finally got noticed and started getting photo passes through PR people and the bands. John has had many of his photos published in newspapers, websites and band autobiographies.




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