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Advocacy Group Disappointed By Affordable Housing Meeting Canceled By City

By Bob Conrad
Mike Thornton
Mike Thornton

Mike Thornton of ACTIONN speaks at City Hall.

A canceled City Council meeting has a local advocacy organization raising questions about the city’s priorities for addressing affordable housing. The Reno-based non-profit, ACTIONN, was prepared to speak today at a City Council meeting that was going to focus on affordable housing.

But the group expressed dismay when the city abruptly canceled the meeting Monday.

ACTIONN Executive Director Mike Thornton said the cancelation was an inconvenience to those who took off work to attend.

“ACTIONN has been out speaking with dozens and dozens of community members who were planning on attending this meeting to be able to give input to the City Council about what they’re facing on a daily basis and what they see as possible solutions to addressing the affordable housing,” he said. “This cancellation is particularly troubling following the Council’s public acknowledgements of the fact that the lack of affordable housing in Reno is reaching crisis proportions.”

The city did not respond to why it had canceled the meeting, but some speculated that a special hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning to address sexual harassment allegations against City Manager Andrew Clinger might be the reason.

The city said in a statement that affordable housing is important to the city council and the meeting would be rescheduled when it can devote its full attention to the matter.

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