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VIDEO: Midtown Art Walk 2016

By Dana Nollsch
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Midtown Art WalkEight years ago, Living Stones Church along with the merchants of MidTown started the MidTown Art Walk with the idea of teaming each business up with an artist and opening the doors for people to come and discover what MidTown was all about. Indeed, this event did start out slow with many people reluctant to come down to MidTown, perhaps MidTown at that point was still waiting to be discovered.

Now we fast-forward eight years to a very warm Thursday afternoon and evening. There were thousands of people roaming the streets, discovering the different merchants, artists, music, food and more. For me there was more to be discovered than the time allowed. There was so much to discover around every corner.

The mayor of Reno was on hand to help deliver a proclamation to Joe C. Rock and Erik Burke acknowledging their work in Reno. Check out the video where Joe C. Rock shows us the work that he and Erik have recently done on the back of Junkee.

There was music around every corner and excitement everywhere along with food trucks and the restaurants this was definitely an evening that had something for everyone.

Check out the video for a taste of some of what I experienced.