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VIDEO: Discover Dickerson 2016

By Dana Nollsch

Discover DickersonLast Saturday I took a walk up and down Dickerson Road and enjoyed their third annual discoverer Dickerson celebration.

Dickerson Road has fast become the unofficial industrial arts center of Reno, according to Eric Brooks of Art Spot Reno.

For the last three years what I have discovered at this annual event was new and emerging artists, places to learn techniques and methods of expressing your artistic talents, and lots of very friendly people. With over 20 art venues participating Discoverer Dickerson certainly had something for everyone. In addition to individual artist studios, there is The Wedge Ceramics Studio, Reno Art Works, and Sierra Water Gardens.

If you haven’t been to Dickerson Road yet you certainly are missing out on a lot. One of my favorite places is Sierra Water Gardens. The calming effect of the water and the plants at Sierra Water Gardens is certainly something to experience.

The whole event brings out a multitude of artists, music, and lots of entertainment.

You certainly don’t have to wait till next year’s Discover Dickerson celebration to go down and explore and enjoy. I have found the artists in their individual studios are always happy to open their doors and talk about what it is that they create.

I also want to acknowledge Art Spot Reno for their part in bringing this event and the much-needed attention to what is being created on Dickerson Road.

Check out this short video to get a taste of what Dickerson Road is like.