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Reno Pokémon Crawl Entices Record Amount of People


2015-Pajama Crawl Unlogoed-David Marshall Fleming62Crawl Reno, organizer of the Reno Zombie Crawl and other local themed bar has just announced a new event focused on the super-popular smartphone game Pokémon Go. Matching the game’s popularity, the crawl Facebook event reached over 150,000 people in the first 24 hours and garnered over 3,500 RSVPs, which organizers say is a record for Reno crawls.

Ed Adkins, owner of Crawl Reno, explained that the event announcement is in response to numerous requests and the need to mark a milestone in technology.

“From the time that the game launched, people have been begging us to create this event,” said Adkins, “and once we played it we realized this is a game changer. Instead of sitting at home people are going out, meeting each other and exploring the city. That’s exactly what we do with the crawls.”

People who attend the event will have different colored cups corresponding with the different Pokémon Go teams. The crawl will incorporate game play, drink specials, costume contests, and live entertainment. Organizers will be watching how similar events unfold in other cities this month as well.

“We put on the best bar crawls in the nation here in Reno,” says Adkins, “so we’ll see what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly.”
Online cup reservations for crawl teams have begun but are moving fast. For details and to claim a cup, visit www.crawlreno.com.

Erin Meyering
Erin Meyering
Erin Meyering is the Communications Specialist at Carson Tahoe Health. She previously worked as the Associate Editor of edible Reno-Tahoe magazine. After graduating from the Reynolds School of Journalism in 2014, she avidly pursued making writing and designing her career. On top area freelancing, she enjoys spending time doing yoga and hiking with her 75-lb lab/boxer mix, Biscotti.