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VIDEO: Artown 2016 Opening Celebration


artown 2016Thursday night the community came together to enjoy a spectacular evening of Music, Performance, and Art.

Artown is a month long celebration of Art and Culture in Reno. This year the opening celebration was indeed one to remember. There were many local artists showing their creations, as well as a marching band serenading the audience, and this was just the start.

Beth Macmillan started off the festivities with thanks to the many sponsors and introducing to the bands who performed. Reno favorites; Drinking with Clowns and The Novelist were on point entertaining the crowd. And it was quite the crowd.

The evening Started at Wingfield park with Drinking with Clowns then moved to the Virginia Street Bridge with a procession led be fire spinners, this was a sight to behold. When the procession made its way to the bridge they found the Novelist performing and to each side of their stage were silk aerialist putting on a very well-rehearsed performance. The fire spinners continued to spin and dance to the music much to the delight of the audience.

Then there was a after party at Sierra arts for those who did not get enough.

What struck me most was the laid back feel of the evening. This felt like an extremely happy and unhurried community event.

If this is representative of the Artown events to come we are certainly in for a treat this month.

I want to congratulate the many people who are part of putting on this community event.

Here are some of the fine people who have been working for months to bring us Artown. Jessica Schneider, Joe Nannini, Miranda Roberts, Chris Fleiner, Terry McQuattie, Oliver X, Councilmember Naomi Duerr, Connie Wray, Thomas White, Stacey Spain, Alli Nagel, Kimberly Bettis, Beth Macmillan, Jennifer Mannix, Kiki Cladianos, Dana Nelson and Autumn Reeder.

If you haven’t yet, you should pick up a Artown guide book and calendar, mark the events you want to see and enjoy. http://www.renoisartown.com/

Here is a video taste of the opening celebration.

Dana Nollsch
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