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A Vote for Emily Reese is a Vote for Positive Change (Sponsored)



With the final day of primary voting on Tuesday, June 14th, it is of utmost importance to elect the right future leaders of our school district. The Board of Trustees sets the tone and direction for education in Washoe County, and it is time for a dramatic shift in making sure voters place value on knowing the candidates and electing those who have a passion for education and a knowledge of how to work with others toward pragmatic and fiscally responsible decisions.

I have been working hard the last six months since declaring my run for District D’s Board of Trustees in December; in fact, I have worked harder than any of the candidates in District D.

Here is a list of what I have been doing:

1) I have gone to every Board meeting since December, except two, and have a great picture of how things work and how I can get things done. It is important for those wanting to serve to show their desire by putting themselves out there transparently before they are elected; I have proven this time and again by taking the time to do whatever it takes to educate myself.

2) I have visited and toured Nutritional Services. While there are always improvements needed, I am now capable of making informed decisions when it comes to meeting the needs of our students in this area. If you’d like to read more, you can see the article I published in Reno Moms Blog about it, here. I will seek to understand decisions from all angles and do the tough work to investigate all sides of issues. While taking the recommendations of district teams is important, I will be independent in making the best pragmatic decisions possible.

3) I have written an OpEd piece, which shows my balanced understanding of what educators and support staff are required to do under the legal mandate of “in loco parentis.” As a parent, I understand frustrations with the district. What I offer, as an educator, is a balanced approach and I will consistently and faithfully communicate with the community.

4) I have appeared on numerous radio shows, and will continue to find ways of connecting with the media to spread the word about why knowing what district you are in is important for our community and why I need to be on the Board. Investing in the future success of our community takes more than just parents with children in the district; it takes all citizens to vote and invest in our students, who will become the future leaders and contributors to our society.

5) I have walked and knocked on doors, despite having a full-time teaching job, and created a social media presence to spread information that outshines any of my competitors. I use social media to educate and empower all voters from every district, not just those in District D. Communicating with the public is a quintessential tool in helping to build the Board of Trustees into an entity of which the community can be proud.

6) I did well in the debates last week between the candidates for District D. It was evident to all that I understand the issues and that I want to serve selflessly because of my passion for education. Click here to view the debate video.

7) I have toured many school facilities and listened to those who care about positive change in our community and education. These are real people who want someone who is authentic and transparent to serve our district and make it the best it can be. I can speak with credibility as a working mother and teacher of our youth who advocates for active involvement in all areas affected by education.

8) I have conveyed my desire to serve by speaking in front of large crowds, many of whom became supporters. I have taken every opportunity possible to meet others, attend events, share information, and address concerns from the comments and emails I have received since December. I am unafraid to address public concerns and my ability to face issues head-on is a skill that is needed with the taxing work of the Board.

9) I have served as Trustee on a school board in Carson City, gaining valuable experience in working with fellow Trustees and focusing on a balanced approach to understand and vote on issues, despite the difficult decisions made to ensure the future success of the school. It went from being closed this June to staying open for three more years, largely in part of the difficult work I did with other board members to make tough decisions.

10) I have shown that my life experience as a working, single-mom—who has survived Cancer twice while serving community non-profits and putting myself through school—causes me to have the perseverance to succeed on a school board that needs endurance to make decisions in the face of many issues, including public opinion. The job is clearly not easy, and I have what it takes to make sensible decisions in the face of such a big undertaking.

The Board needs a servant who is independent, mature, pragmatic and a critical thinker, so that it can become an entity of which the community can be proud. I strive to be a truly unselfish person from the trenches, and am needed for the future of our students and community.

I am ready to hit the ground running. Be sure to get to the polls this Tuesday, June 14th to vote in this primary election, because in a race packed with candidates, your vote matters!

Live Life, Love Life, Impact Others,

Emily Reese

Emily Reese is running for the WCSD Board of Trustees District D. This includes areas zoned for Wooster and Reno high schools, primarily the neighborhoods west of I-395 and south of I-80. For more information about Emily and to find out what district you are in for voting purposes, visit emilyforwcsd.com or contact her at [email protected]. You can also visit her Facebook page at Emily Reese for WCSD Board of Trustees District D.

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