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VIDEO: Reno Rodeo 2016


reno rodeo
Photo: Dana Nollsch.

The Reno Rodeo celebrated its 97th anniversary as one of the top five rodeos in North America.

Spending time at the Reno Rodeo is always exciting and full of creative energy. From a photographer’s point of view, there are once in a lifetime photos around every corner. The video in this article shows just a taste of the images I captured that night.

I was struck by the traditions that are part of the rodeo, traditions that have their roots deep in the history of the sport and the reverence every competitor, judge, volunteer, and audience member shows. Each night’s competition starts with an opening prayer to help keep the contestants safe as they put their life on the line to show their mettle, then the national anthem.

The competitors find their focus as they prepare for the competition — this is quite a thing to witness. The preparation that goes on before each ride is extensive. The competitors are athletes on a very high scale indeed and it is easy to see the dedication with each competitor.

There was also time to share with Marilyn Newton who has been photographing the Rodeo for 52 years. She shared her skill and knowledge of the rodeo freely and you will hear some of her thoughts in the video. If you are unfamiliar with her work you really should look her up and check out the impact she has made in the world of photojournalism.

I am looking forward to next year’s event and the opportunity to share my experiences again.

Dana Nollsch
Dana Nollschhttp://www.photozen.us
Dana Nollsch is a lifelong Reno area resident. He is a photographer, artist, journalist, and spiritual leader. His work has been seen in many local publications and many national publications as well, award winning for his photojournalism. Dana has a unique eye that shows in his photography and a unique voice that is evident in his writing. His involvement in the local theater and arts community gives him an informed and honest perspective. Owner and operator of PhotoZen he offers his skills and insight to many industries.