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PHOTOS: A Sneak Peek at Hinoki Sushi


IMG_2596It is true that Reno has more than its fair share of sushi restaurants. Knowing this I was asking the question of why does Reno need a new sushi restaurant?

After my lunch at Hinoki I am thinking the answer is passion for the Food, Tradition and the Customer. Don’t get me wrong; I have had many great experiences at many of the sushi restaurants in town, but what I sampled at Hinoki seemed to be on a different level.

What was most notable was the presentation — most of the offerings were works of art, interesting and enticing, as you will see from the photos. From what I was told the experience they wish to offer is one closer to a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant. Every sushi restaurant in Reno should offer fresh food, that is a given, and what I sampled was fresh as any I have experienced in Reno.

You may notice the passion of the sushi chefs preparing your dishes. Our chef was Gerson Solis and his passion for what he created was infections. We started with one of my favorites, Upside Down Shrimp; this was as good as I have had but not overwhelming.

Then I said to Gerson: just make us what you like, and boy did he ever do that. What came next was dish after dish of delightful and different morsels of decadent delight. What I experienced seemed to be simple and very well balance without the need for excessive heat or sweet.

My lunch partner enjoyed a cooked salmon dish and from what he said it was the best salmon he ever had. In talking to our Gerson they have many alternatives to the traditional sushi and they can take care of those with food allergies as well.

Check out the photos below and see if they don’t make you hungry.

Opening on Friday, Hinoki Sushi will be an interesting addition to the Reno food scene.

They are at 5270 Longley Lane, suite 110,and the phone number is 775 409.4994.

Dana Nollsch
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