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NV Energy Prices Decreasing Starting July 1

By ThisIsReno


NV Energy Headquarters in Las Vegas. Image: Wikipedia Commons.

NV Energy announced today that starting July 1 prices will decrease by nearly 2 percent for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

The reduction is because of lower fuel and energy costs after changes made by the utility to have greater access to more affordable power sources, according to a company statement. Most residential electric customers will have their bills decrease by about $1.30 per month while natural gas customers will see a decrease of about $3.50 per month.

“My colleagues and I are pleased to pass on this sixth consecutive quarterly electric price decrease as we enter the hottest months of the year when our customers are using more energy, and the fifth consecutive quarterly gas price decrease,” said Paul Caudill, NV Energy president and CEO.

Prices are expected to decrease again in October, according to NV Energy. According to company spokesperson Jennifer Schuricht, “rates are lower today than they were in 2007.”

This is the sixth consecutive decrease in March of 2015.

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