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How Do You Celebrate Summer Solstice?


finalBy Skylar Owens

Summer Solstice, also known at the longest day of the year, arrived Monday June 20 – 21 at 10:34 p.m. this year.

Through the night if you look up at the moon you can still see a hue of the sun peaking through behind the moon. The first day of summer has finally took place in the Biggest Little City with the Reno Rodeo still going and the great Blues and Brews festival was this past weekend, so much more to come.

This also means the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere and simultaneously. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are starting the warm to hot weather where in the southern hemisphere is starting their cold winter season.

It happens when the earth spins its axis 23.5 degrees.

I know it’s a little odd, but without this happening each year we wouldn’t have our four seasons–Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

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