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Reese For School Board: Our Students and Community Deserve the Best



Knowing who your school board candidates are in the upcoming election, especially for the June 14th primaries, is of utmost importance for the future of our burgeoning community.

In a presidential election year, many voters key in on the national level and put off knowing their local candidates. Our education system deserves careful consideration when it comes to the very elected officials who will impact and steer the direction of our future business owners, leaders and contributors to our community.

Most of us want to see a positive change on the Board of Trustees for the Washoe County School District. The great thing is that every voter is actually empowered to help usher in the improvements that are needed by understanding what Trustee district they are in for voting purposes.

I have made it one of my campaign goals to educate voters to be equipped with information, and everyone I speak with gets asked the same question: “Do you know what district you are in for voting purposes?” If you do not know, you are not alone. About 95% of the population is in the same boat, and when I inform people that almost everyone has two Trustees representing them on the Board, and what two districts their household falls under, they are thankful for the information.

If you are in the district I am running for, you are in District D and the at-large District G, which are both up for reelection this year; both have primaries on June 14th. District D covers those areas that are zoned for Wooster and Reno High, primarily the areas of Downtown, the Southwest, Midtown, Veteran’s Hospital, Lakeside and Caughlin.

I am highly qualified to sit on the Board of Trustees.

  • As a current parent and teacher of students in the WCSD, electing me will afford the Board the opportunity to have someone from the trenches who understands education in a way that few Board members ever have.
  • I also am connected to the community and know how to collaborate with non-profits, businesses and those at the state level, which gives me insights into how our education system affects the economy of our local and state entities.
  • Having served on a school board in Carson City, I was brought in to help fix a sticky legal situation, and the informed work that I did there with other members helped the Board make a difficult decision, allowing the school to stay open for three more years, versus being closed at the end of this school year. I grasp school budgets, Open Meeting Laws and how Trustee decisions affect those in and out of the trenches.
  • As a professional communicator and writer, and throughout my campaign, I have initiated the difficult task of building credibility with voters by communicating the work of the Board and education in all aspects. I will continue to do this as your elected representative for District D.
  • I am unafraid to address voter concerns, visit and investigate the facilities which help our district to run smoothly, and have been one of the few candidates in all the Trustee districts to spread the messages that will lead to the Board of Trustees being an entity of which taxpayers can be proud.

None of us knows how long we truly have to live in this life, and as a two time cancer survivor, I am willing to do the hard work as Trustee for District D, so that I can leave all of the best parts of me here when my time in this world is finished.

My passion for education is unparalleled. I will serve without fear and as an independent, mature, and critical thinker, because our students and our community deserve it.

Emily Reese is running for the WCSD Board of Trustees District D. This includes areas zoned for Wooster and Reno high schools, primarily the neighborhoods west of I-395 and south of I-80. For more information about Emily and to find out what district you are in for voting purposes, visit emilyforwcsd.com or contact her at [email protected]. You can also visit her Facebook page at Emily Reese for WCSD Board of Trustees District D.

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