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PHOTOS: The Exit Interview at Reno Little Theater


An existential comedy that will have you guessing: Who will live and who will die?

IMG_4426The play opens with cheerleaders warning you of the content you are about to see. Be sure to take heed of these warnings.

Set in the framework of “Theatre of the Absurd,” The Exit Interview will take you for a wild ride, offering up laughs and challenges to the way we think.

Centering on Dick Fig (played by Chad Sweet), an academic in a university who has received his walking papers and as part of his contract he must endure an exit interview with Eunice (played by Sophie Moeller).

The interview goes south very quickly in ways unexpected as Eunice and Dick interact with each other and with several crises that interrupt and ultimately put a halt to the interview. The story takes on many Brechtian twists and turns brilliantly.

The cast is rounded out by Taylor Riedeman, Libby Bakke, Katty Perrell, Mark Maher and Russell Jones, all of whom play multiple roles.

Without apologies acknowledging its debt to playwright Bertolt Brecht, this is something of a primer into Brecht’s theories of the theater. Some may say “The Exit Interview” is a play with a bleak worldview, but I found it to be funny and eye opening.

Reno Little Theater’s production of The Exit Interview is indeed funny, entertaining, and will keep you on the edge of your seat in a way that will excite your intellect.

Written by: William Missouri Downs
Directed by: James Mardock
Evening Show dates: 5/13, 5/14, 5/19, 5/20, 5/21, 5/26, 5/27, 5/28 @ 7:30p
Matinee Show dates: 5/15, 5/22 (cast talk-back), 5/28, 5/29 @ 2:00p

For more information check out RTL’s website: http://renolittletheater.org/events/event/exit-interview/

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