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Gather At Home: Being purposeful in all that we do is more than a mantra


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Being purposeful in all that we do is more than a mantra. And as much as many of us attempt to be intentional in our daily practices, it’s not commonplace in everyday life in our hectic world. While having laser focus can seem miles away for some, it is a way of life for others, and it’s comforting to think that some of this tranquility can rub off onto the rest of us.

Don’t you wonder how they do it? Where do these intentional souls find the motivation to live each day doing not only what they have to do, but what they want to do? That’s just it – they find the time to do what they want to do. They discover their talents and pursue them to the point of perfection. Every once in a while, these natural talents combined with ingenuity turn into a real business. That is what happened to Kristen, the owner and founder of Gather At Home, who embodies the purposeful life and turned a hobby into a career.

But what exactly is Gather At Home?

It’s the latest and greatest product of someone in our community going beyond their day job to do something truly wonderful that we can all benefit from: baked goods.

You may scoff at the idea, but what do you think of when you hear the term “baked goods,” let alone smell or taste them? Thoughts of comfort likely come to mind. Home. Family. Coziness. Don’t we all crave these feelings of security? With baked goods, a single bite can take us back to a feeling of grandma’s wisdom, mom’s special cookies, dad’s hug, and your childhood pet alongside you. Baked goods can conjure up a lot of emotion, and this is what Kristen and Gather At Home delivers with heart.

Like many of us, Kristen has a day job but many passions. She is the mom of two grown men, a doting grandmother, a wet-kissed dog-mom, a weekend warrior renovating her classic home, and friend among many other hats that she wears. She’s the modern day woman that so many of us can relate to. She’s a breadwinner and bread maker.

For years, her friends were aware that Kristen not only loved to cook and entertain, but was an outrageously talented baker and they were the fortunate beneficiaries of her hobby. Beyond making incredible meals and taking on an occasional catering gig, it was cookies, bars and other baked treats that caught the attention of everyone around her and made Kristen consider a career making baked goods including cookies and granola bars.

These aren’t your average goodies. The treats are made up of unique flavor blends and most importantly, made by Kristen herself who embodies the Gather At Home lifestyle. Her specialty at the moment? Granola bars. Always inventing new flavor combinations baked inside these delicious treats, the granola bar selections Kristen created were made at home, from scratch, and with heart. These little bars of love would make their way to friends running ridiculously long distances who need quick energy, yet don’t enjoy the taste of cardboard. Her custom-created cookies celebrate various holidays throughout the year and are a memorable way to show you care.

After one bite of any of Gather At Home’s gourmet selections you will know why this start-at-home hobby morphed into a full-fledged business with a commercial kitchen and business license. While the production sounds big and corporate, the heart and soul of Gather At Home remains the same. These are small-batch, hand-made creations from the recipes Kristen created with the help of her finicky friends over the years. Don’t like apricot? Try this banana nut flavor. Have a gluten allergy? A majority of Kristen’s are made gluten-free. Hate run-of-the-mill stuff? Gather At Home’s baked goods come in flavor combinations you just can’t find at the big box stores. We’re talking Pistachio Pomegranate, Fig Walnut, and Pecan Pie flavor, just to name a few. Vegetarians are happy when they hear there are no animal fats used in the granola bars, and that organic ingredients are used when feasible.

While there are dozens of permanent selections on the Gather At Home menu with the occasional seasonal favorite, if you want something custom-created Kristen can do that, too. Weddings, graduation parties, retirement parties, holidays or just because, there is a season and a reason to think about Gather At Home as your go-to baked goods specialist.

Want to bring some of the Gather At Home goodies into your home or as a gift for a friend? Visit the Gather At Home online store at www.gatherathome.com and visit the ‘Shop’ tab to select your favorite flavors for pick-up or delivery. Gather At Home ships nationwide and you will be surprised by the affordable pricing for a gourmet, hand-made treat. If you are lucky enough to live in Reno, you can order your baked goodies to be picked up from Mix Cupcake Company in Old Southwest Reno, or you can visit the Buy Nevada First store inside of Reno Town Mall just off of South Virginia Street near the Atlantis Casino.

Get yours today and let Kristen and Gather At Home help remind friends and family all of the things that make a house into a home.


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