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UNR’s Spring 2016 Herz Gold Medalist Announced


Emily Weissgerber SizedThe University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) named biology student Emily Weissgerber as its Spring 2016 Herz Gold Medal winner for earning the highest grade-point average.

“I cannot be more proud and excited for Emily,” said Elena Pravosudova, associate professor of biology. “She is, without a doubt, in the top one percent of all the undergraduates I had a pleasure to work with in my two decades in academia. She has been instrumental in development and growth of our Mandatory Discussion Group Program for my introductory cell and molecular biology course and genetics course.”

Weissgerber is finishing with an honors thesis about mountain chickadees and will be co-author on a biology publication.

“I have learned a lot about research and applying classroom concepts to real-world problems. They have all provided me endless opportunities and have been very important parts of my education,” Weissgerber said.

She will continue studying after graduating at the Pacific University School of Pharmacy in Portland, Oregon.

The Herz Gold Medal was created in 1910 by brothers Richard, Carl and Otto Herz.

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