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PHOTOS: King Lear at Good Luck Macbeth


King Lear at Good Luck MacbethRussia in the 1500s provides a great setting for drama and violence.

This is Good Luck Macbeth’s version of Shakespeare’s great tragedy, “King Lear.” The dialog is intense as you would expect from a Shakespeare play. The action is equally intense as well.

What struck me from the start was the costuming — absolutely brilliant! It is very colorful and very fitting for this production.

Full of action, fights and stunts, this is a bit bloody but deliciously so. Trust me, you will not be bored with GLM’s version of King Lear.

Check out the photo gallery below for a taste of what you will see.

For me,  Scot Rankin stole the show playing The Fool with such in such a delightfuly mesmerizing way. His performance is worth the price of admission alone.

Rounding out the players:

  • King Lear – John Bloomberg
  • Goneril – Heather Willson-Eaton
  • Regan – Ashley Marie James
  • Cordelia/Curan/Solder – Annakarina De La Torre-Fennell
  • Kent – Kate Atack
  • Earl of Gloucester – Jon Lutz
  • Edgar – Gregory J Klino
  • Edmund – Robert Zellers
  • Duke of Albany/Doctor/Solder – Evan Heiser
  • Duke of Cornwall/Messenger – Dirk Miller
  • Duke of Burgundy/Oswald – Kameron Watson
  • King of France/Gentlemen/Servant/Solder – Cody Hamilton
  • Directed by Joe Atack

The play runs through Saturday, May 21, 2016. Information: http://www.goodluckmacbeth.org/

Dana Nollsch
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