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City Council Highlights: 20 Acres in North Valleys Annexed By Reno

By Carla O'Day
Properties annexed by City
Properties annexed by City

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Two parcels totaling 20 acres in the North Valleys were approved Wednesday for annexation into the city, along with a zoning change, by the Reno City Council at the request of the property owners.

The properties at 9325 and 9355 Pan American Way, west of the street’s intersection of Terra Court, currently have one house on each parcel and was zoned for mixed-use residential, but it was switched to single family residential. Both are owned by Cleveland and Doris Pipkin.

City staff told council members the properties met the annexation criteria, including that for planned water and sewer use. Reno’s sanitary sewer interceptor is located south of the site. The city and Washoe County are working on a joint wastewater facilities plan for the North Valleys.

No correspondence was received by the city and nobody showed up to comment. It passed 6-0. Councilwoman Naomi Duerr was absent.

“The Truckee Meadows Water Authority has started construction of the Vidler pipeline extension along Lemmon Drive near the properties proposed for annexation to its current system on North Virginia Street,” a report to the Council said. “This extension will be capable of serving the water needs of future development and the subject site abuts existing TMWA service areas to the south and west.”

Other Council Highlights

The following are from the city of Reno

An agreement was approved with EKAY Economic Consultants for a $11,900 study to determine the feasibility of a ice rink for a minor league hockey team at the Reno Events Center. Funds for the study would come from the Capital Projects Room Tax Surcharge.

An ordinance amending the Reno Municipal Code that deals with public peace, safety and morals in area parks was approved.

A resolution repealing language related to a Board Up Program established pursuant to the 1997 Uniform fire Code was approved to create a new Board Up Program established pursuant to the International Fire Code.

An ordinance was passed that amends electrical certificate requirements for people employed in relevant trades.

An interlocal cooperative agreement between the city and Regional Transportation Commission was approved for the upcoming fiscal year, including RTC’s program of projects.



Debbie Compton May 19, 2016 - 11:32 am

We are sick and tired of building with NO infrastructure, the city cares about its existing residents NOT AT ALL. Our quality of life is gone. The traffic now sucks up over an hour to an hour and a half a day. But the city, county and state just give away our quality to any business. Tax breaks and back room deals, we are not idiots! It does not matter that the jobs are low paying and lousy with turn over rates at 10-25%.

For crying out loud, there is talk of schools on double schedules, this is just shows horrible lack of planning. But by all means, LETS BUILD MORE, bring in MORE crummy jobs and more traffic!
ZERO and I mean ZERO infrastructure improvements in the north valleys and I have lived out here almost 20 years.

SHAME ON YOU, elected officials are FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE, you are not entitled to do anything that does not serve the people of NV.
No back room deals, no personal gain, nothing that is not FOR THE PEOPLE. I yet again will not vote for a single incumbents in any position.
That goes for all city, county and state positions. I am sick to death of being hosed by those who lack any foresight in making responsible decisions.

If we all ran our lives and homes like this, we would be out on the street, which is where most of you belong.

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