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School Board Trustee Resigns: Read Statement Here

By Bob Conrad

Nick SmithWashoe County School District Board of Trustees President Angie Taylor announced today in hastily called press conference that trustee Nick Smith resigned from the board.

Here is Taylor’s complete statement:

“In the interest of full transparency, the district was informed that Trustee Nick Smith is allegedly involved in misconduct at his private work place. The alleged misconduct did not involve his role as a Trustee nor did it involve district property, but it allegedly involves a high school student.

“As a result, the District took immediate steps to prohibit Mr. Smith’s access to the high school and the student. Mr. Smith was invited to a meeting with me and legal counsel at which he informed us that he is resigning. He subsequently submitted his resignation, and I accepted his resignation effectively immediately.”

Taylor did take further questions about Smith’s alleged misconduct. Smith’s bio was summarily deleted from the school district website.

Smith had two years left on his term, according to officials. He is a small-business owner and was elected in 2014.

School District spokesperson Victoria Campbell said the press conference was arranged by the trustees’ contracted attorney, Mike Malloy. The statement was delivered at his office.

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