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Precipitation Brings Yellow Monkeyflower To Life


Carson Valley Monkeyflower
Image: Nevada Natural Heritage Program

It’s only found in select parts of western Nevada. A little flower, the Carson Valley monkeyflower, is seeing a surge of growth thanks to winter precipitation.

According to the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, “the Carson Valley monkeyflower (Erythranthe carsonensis) is only found in the foothills and valley bottoms from the Red Rocks area north of Reno to the little town of Dresslerville, west of Gardnerville.”

The small plant is rarely more than a few inches tall, and it has a yellow flower with a large red spot on its lower petal.

The monkeyflower is found among sagebrush and bitterbrush. It’s been seen on Prison Hill in Carson City and in the south Indian Hills area.

If you see a monkeyflower, please contact Janel Johnson at the Nevada Natural Heritage Program at [email protected] so she can record its location.

The blooms are only expected to last a few weeks.

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