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City Holding Hearing On UNR’s Historic Homes and Evans Park


UNR’s historic homes will be discussed at tomorrow’s City Council meeting.

The City of Reno said today that it is not seeking to turn over ownership of Evans Park to the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). This comes after the city’s Recreation and Parks Commission voted in early April not to transfer ownership of the park.

The commission, according to city documents, was voting on the city’s language that read, “the City should consider transferring Evans Park to the University of Nevada, Reno within the context of promoting the Gateway Precinct concept.”

But the commission disagreed, and Claudia Hanson, the city’s planning manager, said that it is not looking to transfer ownership of the park to UNR.

“As the campus expands we are working with the Recreation and Parks Commission to determine the best arrangement moving forward,” she said. “That might be a joint management/maintenance agreement or any other mutual agreement between the City and UNR, which provides the most efficient management of the park moving forward. Evans Park is deed restricted to remain as a park.”

UNR’s gateway district has been the subject of concern because of historic homes in the area that the university wants to remove for campus development.

The City Council is expected to hear both matters listed under one agenda item at its meeting Wednesday. The hearing is scheduled for 1 p.m. but may be heard later.

The Council will not be deciding whether these historic homes remain or not, said the city in a statement. The homes are owned either by the university or private individuals. “Council can provide input on what should be done through policy language, however.”


Bob Conrad
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