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VIDEO: Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll at Good Luck Macbeth


Taking place in the late 1980s and written by Eric Bogosian, Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll is a fast paced series of monologues by 10 amazing actors. Directed by Joel Lippert and performed at Good Luck Macbeth, this is a powerful and heartfelt offering. For the better part of two hours this production will captivate, entertain and disturb you.

These monologues focus on iconic characters of the era’s New York scene but they are also relevant for other communities. This is a journey that takes us to the gritty streets and to the greedy boardrooms fueled by the dreams of that era.

Examining issues that were part of our everyday life then, and are still relevant today, the play is fast paced and dynamic.  The actors bring a disturbing and entertaining edge to their performances. Originally set as a one-man show, now we see the power of 10 amazing actors, each giving their all to the characters they play.

Many of the performances are a bit disturbing, but brilliantly so. There is an energetic thread from one performance to the next that brings continuity to the show as a whole.

The set is simple with powerful elements that bring the feeling of the street to the stage. There is a feeling that this play is not about the stage, props or lighting, but the set does blend with the performances very well and adds the feeling of the street.

Although perhaps a bit overwhelming at times, I left feeling very entertained, but even more I felt that I had been taken on a journey. Every character was powerful and intense; each monologue stood on its own and added together was for me a lot to take in at once.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of laughs as well — irony being a huge part of each individual monologue brings a comedic element that lightens the dark mood.

If you are looking for an intense two hours that will stay with you like a big steak and potato dinner then this is for you. This is a limited run so don’t delay.

Here is a video with the director Joel Lippert and some photos from the performance check it out.

You can find more information on performance times on the Good Luck Macbeth website: http://www.goodluckmacbeth.org/

Dana Nollsch
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