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Municipal Court Offering Warrant Forgiveness: Get Details Here



Beginning March 14, 2016 and continuing through April 14, 2016, Reno Municipal Court will offer warrant forgiveness to most defendants with outstanding traffic and/or minor misdemeanor warrants. To take advantage of this opportunity, individuals with active warrants should call 775-334-3075 to pay the original fine and related fees in full, including a collection fee, using a credit card. Or they can visit the courthouse, located at 1 South Sierra Street, to have their financial obligation converted to community service. Upon receipt of payment, the associated warrant(s) will be canceled, and all additional late and warrant fees will be dismissed. Dismissal of these fees can potentially save the defendant up to $275 per warrant.

Administrative Judge Dorothy Nash Holmes encourages the public to take advantage of this opportunity. “Now is the time to solve this problem to avoid those potentially negative consequences,” Holmes says. An active warrant may result in the defendant’s arrest. The outstanding amount owed may also be submitted to a private collection agency, which will affect the defendant’s credit rating). This could also cause the suspension of the defendant’s driver’s license and/or appear on the defendant’s criminal history report, thus affecting his or her ability to gain employment. Warrant forgiveness will not be offered after April 14, 2016.

Following the conclusion of this warrant forgiveness program, an aggressive push to serve warrants will be conducted by the Reno Municipal Court’s Marshal Unit. Warrant service will result in the defendant’s arrest, which may take place at any time and any location, including the defendant’s home, school, or workplace.

This warrant forgiveness program only applies to warrants issued by Reno Municipal Court. Reno Municipal Court cannot resolve warrants issued by other courts or jurisdictions. Individuals are encouraged to contact those jurisdictions directly to discuss possible warrant resolution.

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